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The Galaxy of Arteras is Vast

The Therollians kept iron control over the Arterus galaxy for uncountable generations – eldritch overseers wielding science in one hand and magic in the other. Using terrible forces summoned through dark sorcery and controlled through unholy science they quashed so-called ‘lesser’ races beneath their heels, exploiting the galaxy for their own amusement. However, eventually the weight of decadent corruption allowed enough room for the great and terrible forces they so callously harnessed to turn against their masters – resulting in the utter destruction of the once galactic empire. Only a few Therollians survived – a paltry shadow of the once widespread race, and they make their way as best they can in a new galaxy that remembers them as something to be feared and hated.

The Fall Of The Therollian Empire leaves a power vacuum that many emerging groups and governments try to fill. Several would be conquering countries vie for supreme power, while various individuals and organizations all try to fill economic and infrastructural voids left by the sudden destruction of the omnipresent empire.

Over time, civilizations rise and fall, countries coming into and out of power on local and galactic levels. There are heroes and villains, great people and terrible ones. Science, art, life all march on.

Eventually comes The Rise Of The Arteras Confederacy. Like the Therollian Empire, The Arteras Confederacy is galactic in scope, and allows no rebellion. Unlike the Therollian Empire, all races are, supposedly, equal in the Confederacy, and whatever dark magic is at play in the Arteras Confederacy – and there is dark magic at play – is kept secret, hidden, taboo.


This campaign is intended to be a game of Microscope , a game that focuses on creating a history instead of playing specific characters.
How to Play
The scope of this history is between the fall of the Therollian Empire, and the domination of the Arteras Confederacy. How many ages and eons are between those two events is something that will be determined through play.
Potentially, after a sufficient amount of play, this campaign could also include more traditional rpg play, set in the world created through Microscope play.

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